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What We Buy

At Gold Bank what we purchase does not depend on condition or age, only gold weight and purity (carat). 

We buy any gold items including all scrap gold. We also purchase Silver, Platinum and Diamond jewellery.

Therefore as long as your jewellery only consists of Gold, Silver or Platinum of any carat in any condition, we will make you an extremely attractive offer for it. Please note we only buy Silver at our stores, we do not buy it online.

Examples of what we buy

  • Gold or Platinum Chains
  • Gold or Platinum Bracelets
  • Gold or Platinum Bangles
  • Gold or Platinum Rings
  • Gold or Platinum Earrings
  • Gold or Platinum Brooches
  • Gold or Platinum Pendants
  • Solid Gold Medals
  • Damaged Gold
  • Platinum Any other Gold or Platinum
  • Gold Watches
  • Dental Gold
  • Any scrap gold
  • investment Bars
  • All Silver items
  • Full and Half sovereigns
  • 1/10 th Krugerrands
  • Full Krugerrands
  • Britannia coins
  • Solid Gold £2 piece
  • Solid Gold £5 Piece
  • Canadian Gold Maple coins
  • Australian Gold Nugget half oz coins
  • Australian $200 Gold coin
  • Jersey Gold Coins
  • Guernsey gold coins
  • Isle of Man gold coins
  • And any other Gold Coins